Craftsmanship Touches: Making a Hand-Sewn Shirt

With the development of industry and fast consumption, handicrafts came to be seen as an old-fashioned waste of time, despised in the face of the greedy and monotonous world system by the end of the 1800s. People began to wear, use, and consume similar products produced in factories. However, since humans are not just material creatures, but also feed on spirituality, they remembered the spirit of handicrafts again and began to rediscover and embrace the importance of handicrafts in the last 50 years. Within this framework, from food to accessories, from clothing to hand tools, all products began to regain their true value again, especially those that are boutique and handmade. As L’Orient Blanc we also strive to make you feel the magical touch of old craftsmen in all of our products. For this reason, we sew all of our products for you by the hands of our experienced artisans. We are happy to live our passion together by conveying some of the important points in hand-sewn clothing in this article.

One of the most important advantages of handmade clothing is that it fits you perfectly. Therefore, it is very important to take the correct measurements.
As stated in the relevant content, the correct measurement is essential for hand-sewn shirt making, and we at L'Orient Blanc are also trying to achieve the best results using both classical and modern methods in this regard.

When ordering handmade clothing, it is important to choose a reliable and experienced seamstress or tailor. It would be good to check references and look at the previous works. At this stage, we meet the needs with our team of experienced artisans who are experts in their field.

In addition to these, it is very important to determine the right fabric for you and the selected model. We offer our models to you with the most accurate fabric matches, as a result of the work done by our masters and stylists for maximum comfort and top-level experience.

Price and delivery time are two of the important points in handmade orders. The general belief is that the cost of custom tailoring will be high and the delivery times will be quite long. However, as L'Orient Blanc, we are delivering this top-level experience to you at affordable costs and in a time much shorter than the average global custom tailoring times by creating a production system that goes beyond the patterns of modern ready-to-wear clothing.

In conclusion, ordering handmade clothing is a great way to have special and unique garments. We hope you will live this experience with us, sharing our passion.

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