Istanbul is the capital of ancient civilizations, the bridge between East and West cultures, and the border for hundreds of years. It is the city of harmony where conflicts and friendships, struggles and successes coexist.

The Istanbul model, carefully prepared with these emotions, has a design that reflects the rich history and culture of the city. It provides a comfortable experience throughout the day with Söktaş fabric produced from 100% Söke cotton. The years of accumulated craftsmanship is reflected in the product with the English Stitch made by hand with gold needle.

The needle lace works made by hand with silk thread, both on the cuffs and hems of Istanbul, represent the two sides of the Bosphorus, while standing out as a stylish detail that showcases the skills of skilled Anatolian women.


All of our products are tailored using the Made-to-Measure (M2M) system, customized to fit your body perfectly. After completing the purchase process, in the email that will be sent to you, we will provide easy and quick instructions on how to share your measurement details with us. For detailed information about our measurement system, you can click here.


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All of our products are shipped in specially tailored L'OB gamboge bags to ensure both secure transportation and long-term storage.

Delivery Time

All of our products are tailor-made to fit you through our M2M (Made to Measure) system. Upon order confirmation, your items will be custom-tailored and shipped to you within 21 days.

Care & Cleaning

Our products feature high-quality fabrics and delicate handcrafted embellishments. To enjoy prolonged use without damaging the items, only hand washing and dry cleaning are recommended.