A Detailed Look at the M2M Sewing Technique

Sewing is an art in the hands of master tailors. For the past 150 years, monotonous, mass-produced soulless products have been appealing to people because they are easily accessible with the advances in the ready-to-wear industry. However, in recent years, the value of personalized, handmade products has been remembered again, and custom-made techniques have gradually begun to regain their former popularity. One of these techniques is the M2M (Made to Measure) sewing technique.

M2M, Made to Measure, is a method of garment construction in which clothing items, even shoes, are made to individual measurements instead of standard sizes. In this technique, designs and preferences that are suitable for the person are taken into account, and a completely custom garment is created. Each stage is adapted to the user's preferences and body.

The M2M sewing process consists of a series of steps. First, the user's measurements are taken. Then, a professional tailor or seamstress cuts and sews the garment pieces to fit the user's measurements and body shape perfectly.

The M2M sewing technique is a craft that allows the wearer to experience the transformation of clothing into a part of their body and, therefore, their life story. This technique offers the wearer a perfect fit, original designs, and high quality. M2M sewing is increasingly becoming a preferred approach in the garment industry, as it highlights individual preferences and measurements.

As L’Orient Blanc, we define style as wearing what suits your soul, regardless of body measurements. That’s why we aim to break away from all ready-to-wear norms and bring the craftsmanship skills of the classical period to the masses with modern methods.

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