What does White symbolize?

Purity, new beginnings, cleanliness? Can't white be playfulness, creativity, and madness?
Doesn't everyone come into the world in a pure white color? Aren't we all white when we first touch the world? That moment when all people are equal, there are no borders... In this case, can't "white" be the essence of life itself?

We started our L’Orient Blanc journey with these thoughts. We wanted to create something that could touch everyone's life story, that they could use with love, and that would make them feel lucky, peaceful, and happy when they wore it. While doing this, we also tried to wander on sensitive notes. We searched village by village for old lace masters who got their skills from mothers and were going to pass them to daughters, and we fell in love with the care in which a silkworm makes its cocoon.

Our story began in Istanbul, the gateway to the ancient East. Inspired by the mystical, oriental atmosphere of the East, we embarked on a journey across Europe in the 1900s aboard the Orient Express. We witnessed the stylish, elegant, and love-filled lives of the people we met. As a testament to this journey, we named all of our products after the city that inspired us the most.

We are still at the beginning of our own story. We hope our journey will be long and touch many lives. While touching many lives we wish to become at one with them. We leave a piece of our heart in every moment we share, in every piece we design, to help you while finding us again. But we know that, as Rumi said, "Our heart is entrusted to the one who knows its value."

L’Orient Blanc by Zey.


L’Orient Blanc’s icon, which we proudly feature on our products, was designed inspired by ''Zühre Yıldızı'' (the Evening Star), which is a symbol of positive values such as love, romance, beauty, and abundance in all cultures.

''Zühre Yıldızı'' (the Evening Star), which is intertwined with our personal life cycle and story, is a motif that is frequently used in Anatolian weavings and has a special significance. "Zühre" is an Arabic origin word that means "planet of love" or "star of love." In Western cultures, Zühre, also known as the planet Venus, again expresses the power of love, romantic emotions, beauty, and aesthetics. In many cultures, Zühre, or Venus, is considered the goddess of love and beauty.

We dream our designs with the Zühre motif, to bring love and affection together with abundance, prosperity, and luck to everyone who allows us to be a part of their life stories.

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