The Jewel of a Traditional Art: Hatay Yellow Silk

Hatay, Turkey's southern region, is a city known for its rich cultural heritage. This beautiful city is not only known for its historical and touristic sites, but also for its traditional handicrafts. One of these handicrafts is hand-woven silk fabric made from Hatay Yellow Silk.

Hatay yellow silk is a unique and valuable type of silk that is native to the Hatay region of Turkey. This silk is produced by a special species of silkworm called "Bombyx Hatayensis" that is found in Hatay. The climate and vegetation of Hatay provide ideal conditions for these insects to produce high-quality silk thread. The vibrant and bright color of the yellow silk comes from the plants that the insect feeds on, and it gives a unique aesthetic to hand-woven silk fabrics.

The production of hand-woven silk fabric from Hatay yellow silk is a handicraft that requires mastery. This traditional production process is part of a tradition that has been passed down in Hatay for centuries. Silk threads are first dyed to the desired colours using various dyes, depending on the application area, or processed in raw form as we use in our products. Then, they are woven into fabric on hand looms by experienced weavers. These fabrics produced with handwork are durable, soft, and elegant.

Hatay yellow silk hand-woven silk fabric has many unique properties. First, the bright yellow colour of these fabrics is a reflection of the sun and nature of Hatay. Additionally, the natural fibers of silk fabric allow the fabric to breathe and regulate body temperature. Therefore, Hatay silk fabrics keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Because it is hand-woven, each fabric piece is unique and bears the artist's personal touch.

Hatay yellow silk hand-woven silk fabric is an important part of Hatay's rich cultural heritage. This traditional craft has been practised by Hatay masters for centuries and has survived to the present day. When Hatay yellow silk meets hand-woven fabrics, the result is stunning aesthetics and quality. If you ever have the chance to visit ancient Hatay, we recommend that you do not miss the opportunity to see and purchase these special silk fabrics.

Hatay yellow silk hand-woven silk fabrics are true works of art. They reflect the rich culture of Hatay. To let you experience this craft that has been passed down from generation to generation for centuries, we use hand-woven Hatay yellow silk in our London and Budapest models.

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